YC6M Marine Series

Features for Yuchai YC6M Series Marine Diesel Engine

  • Its noise is much lower by adopting the integral crankcase, rear-positioned gear chamber and the patented technology of spot-line meshing;
  • The engine is easy for maintenance by means of its approachable design (one cover for each cylinder) and the wet type liner construction;
  • The engine is in the lead of products of the same category at home for the indexes, such as the average effective pressure, per liter power, per liter torque etc.;
  • The index of the fuel consumption is much lower by adopting the P7000 type top-class fuel injection pump, P type low-inertia & small-aperture injector and the new type Honeywell high-efficiency turbocharger; consumption of the oil is much lower by increasing the number of valve oil seals and adopting the Yuchai?ˉs special sealing technology for the piston rings and oil sealing technology for the valve;
  • The crankshaft is greatly improved itself in fatigue strength and wear resistance by adopting the pressure-forged 42CrMo steel blank and high-frequency quenching journals & fillets, and so its front end is able to outlet a torque of 900N.m or above;
  • The engine is developed for reliability by AVL technology with strict & accurate mechanical development sequence and so its overhaul period is over 12000 hours;
  • The engine is installed with digital & intellectual machine-side & remote monitoring instruments to facilitate operation, monitoring & automatic protection of the diesel engine and effectively ensure safe operation of the engine;
  • It is an ideal power which can be used as the main machine for speedboats, cargo ships, fishery vessels and as the ancillary machine for 150?a200kW gen-sets.

Main Technical Parameters for Yuchai YC6M Series Marine Diesel Engine

Description Technical Parameters
Model YC6M240C YC6M260C YC6M270C YC6M295C YC6M280C YC6M300C YC6M320C
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke
Combustion chamber type Direct injection
No. of cylinders X Bore X Stroke(mm) 6?á120?á145
Intake way Gas turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Displacement L 9.84
Compression ratio                                                   17.5£o1
Continuous power /speed£¨kW/r/min£?                                176/1500 192/1500 199/1800 216/1800 206/2100 220/1500 234/2100
One-hour power/speed£¨kW/r/min£?                                 193.6/1548 211.2/1548 218.9/1858 237.6/1858 226.6/2168 242/1548 257.4/2168
Min. specific fuel consumption£¨g/kW?¤h£?                              ?ü189
?úóí??o??êSpecific oil consumption (g/kW?¤h)                                    ?ü0.5
Crankshaft rotation direction (seen from power output end)                           Counterclockwise (seen from the power output end)
Starting Electric
Net weight (kg)                                             1200
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)  (mm)                            1652?á939?á1262
Matched reduction gearbox                    MB242?¢MB270£?300 etc.
Specification of connection with the gearbox Casing£oSAE1#  Flywheel£o14¨?
Overhaul period ??12000 hours
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