WD615 Bus Series

Weichai WD615 series Bus Diesel Engine
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Rely on the comprehensive advantage of the products, Weichai WD615 series supply power support for luxury bus. As a joint venture product, Weichai Deutz 226B diesel engine has occupied the medium and small power markets based on world advanced technology and superior quality.

High-tech content CNG/LPG gas engine takes the lead in the internal combustion engine industry and supplies a new power choice for energy saving of urban traffic and environment protection.

With the features of strong power, reliable performance and low noise, Weichai Power specialized Euro II and Euro III bus diesel engines are ideal power for passenger cars.

Characteristic Performance of WD615 Bus Engine

  • More strength: Wide power range (176-280kW) and high torque back up (up to 30%) of the engine ensure the vehicle working normally under all kinds of conditions.
  • More reliable: By performance improvement and optimization and adopting special framed main bearing structure, the strength of cylinder blocks of WD615 engines are very high. Strict quality management system and global sourcing for major components ensure the reliability of the complete engine. The guarantee period of major basic components is 200,000km.
  • More outstanding Good starting performance at low temperature: The engine can be started normally at - 15 centigrade without any auxiliary equipment, and it can be started smoothly at - 40 centigrade with auxiliary equipment. The engine can be operated normally at plateau with an elevation of about 5000m.
  • More economy: The engine has a good economy and fuel consumption is very low in broad power and speed ranges. Fuel consumption of every 100km is about 24-26L.With highly interchangeable parts, enough spare parts supply and convenient maintenance, the operating cost is low.
  • Environmental friendly: By optimizing of combustion, intake and fuel supply systems, the emissions of exhaust pollutants from any Weichai Power product for vehicle are prior to the limits in Euro II regulation .
  • More practical: One cylinder one head is convenient in disassembly; in-line 6 cylinders of all series engines with high interchangeability are convenient for bus matching and maintenance. The overall dimensions of WD615 series diesel engines with compact arrangement and simple construction are the same.

The brake system of the vehicle can be controlled effectively by WEVB (Weichai Exhaust Valve Brake) system, and the brake rate has been increased by 55%, and thus the safty of both vehicle and passengers are increased.

Engine Model Displacement
Advertised Power/Speed(kW/r/min) Peak Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min) Net Weight
Bore/stroke Certification Min fuel consumption
WP615.58 9.726 175/2200 1000/1400-1600 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
WP615.56 9.726 193/2200 1100/1300-1600 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
WP615.50 9.726 206/2200 1160/1100-1600 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
WP615.44 9.726 235/2200 1250/1400-1600 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
WP615.46 9.726 266/2200 1460/1400-1600 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
WP615.38 9.726 280/2200 1460/1200-1800 875 126x130 Euro II ?ü198
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