CW200 Marine Sereis

Weichai CW200ZC/XCW200ZC series marine diesel engine
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Weichai CW200ZC/XCW200ZC series marine diesel engine is developed and manufactured based on researching techniques of medium speed engine both at home and abroad. It is characterized by rational construction, advanced performance index, reliable running operation and easy maintenance, etc. Its emission meets the requirements of MARPOL 73/78 of IMO (International Marine Origination).

The series of engines has passed through the type approval test of China Classification Society and Register of Fishing Vessel of PRC, got ISO9001:2000 system certificate. It is an optimum power source for passenger liner, fishing ship, ro-ro vessel and medium-small containership, and also used for generating set for ship.

Structure Advantages of Marine Diesel Engine

  • Cylinder system: Case-type cylinder block has the feature of smaller distortion and higher strength. The Rectangle build-in intake pipe has more reliability.
  • Crankshaft: The forging crankshaft is with structure of continuous fiber. Its rigidity of fatigue, bending and torsion resist is better than casting crankshaft. The structure of crankshaft has nitriding treated and it is more wearable and the reliability is thus increased.
  • Cylinder Head: Cylinder head and rock arm are a whole integer. Simple structure makes maintenance convenient.
  • Cylinder Liner: Cylinder liner is made by proof-erode and wearable material, with less distortion and low wearing, and the lifetime can be over sixty thousand hours. Forced cooling makes excellent lubricating condition, and prevents erode in low temperature.
  • Piston: Cross section of the piston is ellipse when cool, the vertical section is drum and is round when hot. This type of piston has less space with cylinder liner, and can reduce mechanical wear and tear. The mechanical efficiency of the engine has been increased and the fuel consumption has been reduced.
  • Connecting Rod: It is forced by high grade. The bearing of big end is cut horizontal and fastened by four bolts. The carrying capacity of bearing big end has been increased a lot.

Performance Advantages of Maine Diesel Engine

  • High reliability: Crankshaft and connecting rod is forged by high-grade steel and the transmission gears of camshaft are made by alloy steel. Broken has been avoided completely. The cylinder liner is supported by three points with good rigidity and heated evenly, and reduced wearing. It is shown in 800 hours continuous testing that the overhaul time is over thirty thousand hours.
  • Easy maintenance: 1. upper camshaft without push rod has decreased failures
    2. Sleeve spring are using in shock absorber, and no maintenance is needed during the engine is running.
  • Low fuel consumption: The lowest fuel consumption at the condition of 80%~90% nominal output is 195?a200g/kW.h, and it is the long-term running point of ships. The oil consumption 1.0g/kW.h, and the characteristic curve is flat. It is very economic at normal conditions.
  • Two-stage inter cooling: Two-stage inter cooling is used to reduce intake temperature, and the intake volume is thus increased and makes the combustion more completely. The emission reaches to IMO standard and is qualified by CCS. As the intake temperature has been decreased the heat loading has been decreased and the reliability has been increased.
  • Low emission: Pulse turbo charging and two-stage intake & deep inter cooling are using in the engine, and the smoke is light-colored during the running of the engine. The emission is lower than Euro II standard and the exhaust smoke is 0.55RB compare with the standard of up to 2.5RB.
  • CW200ZC/XCW200ZC Series Marine Diesel Set: When CW200ZC series engine is used as marine main engine, it is equipped with coupling and astern-ahead clutch gear-case according to the rotation direction and speed of propeller of developing requirement. It is often equipped with GWC, J900,J1200A series gear-case at present, and makes feature of coaxing of input shaft and output shaft, with reduction ratio of 2?a5.5. It also could be fitted with other type of gear-case if the user requires.
    Besides the manual control beside engine, it also supplies three remote control methods for user to choose: soft shaft, electrical control and pneumatic control.
  • Hoisting requirement: When engine set with package is hoisted, tight wire should be hitched at the protecting iron on the package. The engine set will always be kept steadily.
    There are two holes specially made for hoisting on both ends of the base, from which steel tube or tight wire can be threaded through for hoisting. Necessary protection measure should be taken to keep the engine set from damage. The whole hoisting process should keep steady and slowly. Side hoisting, pulling and tilting hoisting are all strictly forbidden.
  • Installation requirement:
    • 1. Requirement for seat: The surface of seat to install engine set should be rather flat.
    • 2. The marine engine set should be fastened with bolts on the base which is strong and horizontal. It is forbidden to weld the seat of engine set to the support in the engine room of ship.
    • 3. The inner diameter of engine exhaust pipe is over 350mm, and the siphon of exhaust pipe is over 90??. Siphons should not exceed 3. the exhaust pipes should have supports to protect silencer and turbocharger from stress.
    • 4. The connecting between engine and seawater pipes should use tubes instead of rigid connection.
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