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Isuzu Diesel Engine

DPS provide you with the Isuzu Diesel Engine products from China

Engines are the heart of Isuzu Motors Limited, an industry leader of over 20 million diesel engines worldwide. Isuzu products, noted for reliability and durability, have stood the test of time.

DPS provide you with the Isuzu Diesel Engine products from China, ranging from 57 to over 120kW, the engines power more than 13 different applications from over 100 major equipment manufacturers in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural and general industrial markets. In addition, DPS also provides you with Isuzu diesel engine components, spare parts and service parts.

ISUZU Diesel Engine Form China

The Isuzu 4BD/6BD/4HF/4JB/QD32/6H Series Diesel Engine is an engine that incorporates the worldwide knowledge of Isuzu diesel engine technology. The Series's excellent performance and quality are based on the many technological advantages the engine has over competing engines.

  • Ladder frame for light weight, high rigidity, low noise, and low vibration
  • Precision machined fit sleeve for serviceability and better durability and reliability
  • OHC, 4 valve layout for performance, low emissions, and good fuel economy
  • Piston with cooling channel, nitrided crankshaft, and axial oil seal for durability and reliability
  • High pressurized fuel injection and damper (viscous-rubber type) for low noise and low vibration
  • Oil cooler with temperature regulator valve for fast warm-up
  • Best in Class Engine Warranty, 3 YEARS UNLIMITED. There is no hour limitation with this engine warranty. Backed by a well trained dealer base that understands your business.
Engine Model Cylinder Displacement Advertised Power/Speed(kW/r/min) Peak Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min) Idle Speed(r/min) Certification
4BD1 4 3.856L 70.6/3200 245/2200 650 Euro I
4BD1T 4 3.856L 83/2800 324/1400~1800 650 Euro I
6BD1 6 5.785L 107/2800 402/1600~1800 750 Euro I
6BD1T 6 5.785L 120/2800 462/1800 750 Euro II
4HF1 4 4.334L 110/2600 460/1500 750 Euro II
4HE1T 4 4.751L 125/2300 580/1500 750 Euro II
4JB1 4 2.771L 57/3600 172/2200 790 Euro II
4JB1T 4 2.771L 68/3600 202/2200 830 Euro II
QD32 4 3.153L 75.8/3600 216/2200 750 Euro I
QD32T 4 3.153L 80.9/3600 241/2000 750 Euro II
QD32Ti 4 3.153L 101.5/3600 313/2000 750 Euro II
QD32EGR 4 3.153L 75.8/3600 216/2200 750 Euro II
6HK1 6 3.153L 101.5/3600 313/2000 700 Euro II
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