Mute & Low Noise Gensets

Mute, Low Noise and Soundproof Generator Sets

DPS provide low noise generator applies to higher noise place, such as dense urban residential building, high-grade, star-level hotels, scientific research institutions, hospitals and universities, etc. Our low noise generator adopts damping, sound insulation, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, which greatly reduces the noise index, noise amplitude of 30dBA above. Our products range from 10KW and 600KW, the customer can custom Germany Deutz, America Cummins, British Perkins etc brand of diesel engine, and so alse can custom original British Stanford, French Renault, Siemens etc brand of alternator.

All the denoise generators is has the following features:

  • Vibration attenuation: diesel engine and generator and facilities with high bridge between shock absorber, reducing vibration noise.
  • Sound insulation: using a 4 to 5 layers of sound-absorbing material of sound insulation, sound absorbing and sound insulation effect is obvious.
  • Intake air muffler: using three layers, the attenuation of the labyrinth sound-absorbing materials into the wind, not only ensure sound enough fresh air, and the noise effectively sealed.
  • Exhaust air muffler: three layers of sound-absorbing material labyrinth exhaust silencer, guarantees the wind, and the noise propagation effectively sealed.
  • Exhaust muffler: impedance muffler compound, greatly reduce the emissions of the noise.
  • Power cable connections using stationary junction box structure in the cabinet, directly connected.
  • Sound insulation cover door structure and sound insulation cover similar, windows using double deck glass, windows and doors and sound insulation cover to maximum sealing noise.

Descriptions of Mute, Low Noise and Soundproof Generator Sets:

  • Adopt top grade steel plate
  • Unique inner structure for effective noise reduction and rainproofing
  • Humanized control panel for easy operation
  • Key control parts adopt panel lock to avoid misoperation
  • Compact cabinet structure reduces the transport cost
  • Wide panel door and even wider open space for convenient maintenance
  • Can be used as power backup genset
Applications of Mute, Low Noise and Soundproof Generator Sets:
This kind of soundproof generator set is specially built for places which have a requirement on sound control, such as residential areas, schools and offices etc.
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