WP Bus Series

Weichai Landking WP series Euro III,IV Bus Diesel Engine
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Landking power brand of high technology of Weichai Power, is a representative of highest power technology in the world and of theory of cleanness and environment protection.

Landking (Euro III) series Diesel Engines researched and developed independently by Weichai and AVL and co-designed with international parts supplier, is a flagship product designed with the frontline science and technology of internal combustion engine, is the most mature and reliable Euro III engine which is capable of Euro IV, V emission standard.

Landking Euro (III) N series Diesel Engines bring the rated speed down to 1900rpm, which leads to a great technical breakthrough reaching international leading level in the economy, power, reliability, comfort etc.. Landking (Euro III) N series engines now include WP10N??WP12N etc., which cover a power range from 240 to 460 ps.

Engine Model Displacement
Advertised Power/Speed(kW/r/min) Peak Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min) Idle Speed(r/min) Bore/stroke Certification Aspiration
WP12.270N 11.596 199/1900 1300/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV water-cooled, four-stoke, exhaust brake, direct injection, turcharged intercooled
WP12.300N 11.596 221/1900 1440/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.336NA 11.596 247/1900 1600/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.336NB 11.596 247/1900 1500/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.375N 11.596 276/1900 1800/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.400N 11.596 294/1900 1920/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.430N 11.596 316/1900 2060/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP12.460N 11.596 338/1900 2110/1000-1400 600?à50 126x155 Euro III,IV
WP10.240 9.726 175/2200 1000/1200-1600 600?à50 126x130 Euro III water-cooled, four-stoke, exhaust brake, direct injection, turcharged intercooled
WP10.270 9.726 199/2200 1100/1200-1600 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.290 9.726 213/2200 1160/1200-1600 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.336 9.726 247/2200 1250/1200-1600 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.375 9.726 276/2200 1460/1200-1600 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.240N 9.726 175/1900 1150/1200-1500 600?à50 126x130 Euro III water-cooled, four-stoke, exhaust brake, direct injection, turcharged intercooled
WP10.270N 9.726 199/1900 1270/1200-1500 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.300N 9.726 221/1900 1390/1200-1500 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP10.336N 9.726 247/1900 1500/1350-1500 600?à50 126x130 Euro III
WP6.180-Bus 6.23 132/2300 650/1400-1600 620?à50 105x120 Euro III four-cylinder, water-cooled, in line, direct injection, wet cylinder liner
WP6.210-Bus 6.23 155/2300 800/1400-1600 620?à50 105x120 Euro III
WP6.240-Bus 6.23 176/2500 800/1400-1600 620?à50 105x120 Euro III
WP6.180-Autobus 6.23 132/2300 650/1200-1800 620?à50 105x120 Euro III
WP6.210-Autobus 6.23 155/2300 800/1200-1800 620?à50 105x120 Euro III
WP6.240-Autobus 6.23 176/2500 800/1200-1800 620?à50 105x120 Euro III
WP4.150 4.5 110/2300 550/1200-1600 105x130 Euro III Turbocharged intercooled, electrically-controlled high pressure common rail
WP4.165 4.5 120/2300 600/1200-1600 105x130 Euro III
WP4.180 4.5 132/2300 650/1200-1600 105x130 Euro III
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