WP12C Marine Series

Weichai LandKing WP12C Series Marine Diesel Engine
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Weichai LandKing WP12C Series Marine Diesel Engine that improved on the basis of the LandKing, is a environment-friendly energy-saving diesel engine with a new design concept.

WP12C series marine diesel engine, is the best supporting energy-saving power with the advantages of compact structure, optimum dynamic and economic performance, high reliability. It is the best power for freshwater transportation, fishery, ships of duty.

Structural features

  • WP12C series of marine diesel engine use the main frame structure of Landking Euro III Diesel Engine with high-pressure common rail, such as the body, the cylinder heads, crankshaft, connecting rod.
  • WP12 high pressure common rail Euro III Diesel Engine which is jointly developed with Austrians AvL company, is a new generation of high-performance energy saving, environmental protection engine. Its
  • Components are in finite element analysts and simulation operation, which makes substantial increase in reliability and service life.
  • WP12C series marine diesel engine use PZ8500-line flange pump, Huoersaite supercharger can be set in the middle or behind the engine. In cold and heat exchangers are seted on the both sides of the diesel engine.
  • Compated to Wd615, WD618 sereis marine diesel engine, Landking Series marine diesel engine are better reliability, power and economy of more obvious advantage.

Performance advantages

  • Low fuel consumption: the lowest fuel comsumption is 192g/kW.h, four?avalve structure and reasonable intake system and combustion system has widened the economic operation range, and ensure the engine work with the best economy.
  • Super power: high-reserve power, high-torque in low speed, acceleration good.
  • Environmental protection, Low noise: framework of the body, low noise gearbox, special sump, which make the engine noise greatly reduced; emission targets advanced, smoke less than 1.0Rb when the engine in full-load.
Model WP12C450 WP12C400 WP12C350
Rated output(PS/kW) 450/330 400/294 350/267
Rated speed(r/min) 2100 1800 1500
Overload power(PS/kW) 495/363 440/323 385/283
Overload speed(r/min) 2167 1958 1548
Type water cooling, 4 strokes, in-line, turbocharged intercooled
Displacement(L) 11.596
Bore/stroke(mm) 126/155
Cylinder numbers 6
valve number per cylinder 4
average effective pressure(MPa) 1,626 1,690 1,766
Compression ratio 17:1
Injection advance angle 14 10 10
the outbreak of the cylinder pressure(MPa) ?ü16
Special fuel consumption(g/kW.h) ?ü192
Unladen stability of the minimum speed 600?à50
After the turbine exhaust temperature(??) ?ü600
Smoke(Rb) ?ü1.0
Rotation direction of crankshaft Counterclockwise(face to flywheel end)
Net weight(kg) 1200
Overall dimension (mm) 1717?á836?á1274
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