X170ZC Marine Series

Weichai X6170ZC series and 8170ZC series marine diesel engines
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Weichai X6170ZC series and 8170ZC series marine diesel engines are 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder diesel engines that improved on the basis of the original 170Z series diesel engine. By selecting more advanced turbocharger, high-pressure injection pump, injector, intake pipe and combustion chamber, the engines possess advantages of wide power range, low fuel consumption, low emission and rapid starting. Meanwhile, the cylinder block, cylinder liner, exhaust pipe and oil sump are all been improved, and the engines are more reliable, more advanced, with operation and maintenance more convenient. The power range is from 258kW to 601kW, rotation speed range is from 1000rpm to 1500rpm. The engines can widely be used in various shipping.

Model Rated output(kW) Rated speed(r/min)
X6170 ZC350 258 1000
X6170 ZC-05 300 1000
X6170 ZC-09 330 1000
X6170 ZC-13 330 1200
X6170 ZCA 330 1000
X6170 ZC-1 382 1200
X6170 ZC-3 426 1350
X6170 Z-22 456 1500
8170ZC 441 1000
8170ZC-1 530 1200
8170ZC-3 601 1350
8170ZCA 441 1000
8170ZCA-1 530 1200
8170ZCA-3 601 1350
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