226B Truck Series

WeiChai 226B series truck diesel engine
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Performance of TBD226B Truck Diesel Engine

  • Super power: TBD226B truck diesel engine with high power has three types(3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder), the output power is 70-176kW. Torque back up reaches 35??. It meets the power and torque requirements of trucks.
  • Reliable quality: TBD226B truck diesel engine is manufactured according to 226B design drawing, the materials for main componests meet the German standards, and the introduced technique and advanced management method guarantee the product quality, which catches up with advanced international level. The first overhaul period is up to 10000 hours.
  • Good economy: Combustion system is optimized by adopting port shrink combustion chamber, low whirling cylinder head, low flow resistance aspiration system and turbocharger with by-pass valve. By using P1700 injection pump and P injector, the fuel is injected into cylinders with high pressure, the fuel consumption is 20% lower than other engines with same power.
  • Outstanding performance: With good low temperature start ability,the diesel engine can be started normally at -15?? without any assistant device and be started smoothly at -40?? with assistant starting device. Advanced K series turbocharger extends high-efficiency working range of diesel engine??and the engine can work normally on Plateau at an altitude of 3000 meters.
  • Low noise: Moving parts with uniform mass??equipped with vibration damper on the front end??and good dynamic balance features are stable in operation. The vibration and noise of the engine is decreased considerably.The emission data meets Euro II and approaches Euro III standard.
Model TBD226B-4?ò TBD226B-4?òA TBD226B-4?òC TBD226B-6?òA TBD226B-6?òB TBD226B-6?òC
Type Turbocharged and intercooled
Bore/stroke (mm) 105/120
Displacement (L) 4.16 6.23
Rated output (kW/ps) 110(150) 120(163) 132(180) 132(180) 155(210) 176(240)
Rated speed (r/min) 2500 2300/2500 2500
Peak torque (Nm) 510 510 605 730 730 810
Peak torque/speed (r/min) 1400-1600
Emission Euro II
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