YC6M Truck Series

Features for YC6M Series Truck Diesel Engine

4-Valve Per Cylinder Technology: centered injector, more even atomization and more complete combustion, improved airflow, higher efficiency of air intake and exhaust, lower fuel consumption and better for environmental protection.

Full-Authority Electronic Controls System for Euro III Engine: Optimize engine performance and provide seamless integration with other components, advanced diagnostics, plus a complete set of programming options.

High-performance Configuration:

  • 4-valve per cylinder technology, higher efficiency of air intake and exhaust
  • Honeywell GT turbo-charger, optimized performance at high speeds.
  • Oil sump made of multilayer vibration-damping steel plate, lower noise.
  • Equipped with German Mahle pistons, more reliable operation.

Stronger power-10L displacement and Max. torque reaching 1680N.m, Maximum power 390HP, optimized performance at high speeds.

Higher quality: High-strength structure ,can bear the bursting pressure up to 220bar, passed the 25,000h durability bench test and 1,000,000km whole vehicle road test.Implementing TS16949 (International standard for automobile industry) and purchasing components globally.

Lower emission: Meets the requirement of Euro-II & Euro-III standard for emission and has potential for up-grading to Euro-IV standard of emission.

Lower noise: Optimized piston profile and piston-to-cylinder clearance, adopting rear-positioned timing gear chamber and advanced point-line gear-meshing technology, lower the mechanical noise of the transmission system.

Main Technical Parameters

Model YC6M280 YC6M290 YC6M300 YC6M320 YC6M340 YC6M360 YC6M375 YC6M390
Type Vertical, in-line, 6 cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke
No. of Cylinder 6 Cylinder
Displacement£¨L£© 10
Intake Way Turbo-charging & Inter-cooling
Rated power/speed£¨kW/ r/min£© 206/2100 215/2100 221/2100 236/2100 250/2100 266/2100 276/2100 288/2100
Max. Toque/speed£¨N.m/ r/min£© 1180/¡Ü1600 1200/¡Ü1600 1260/¡Ü1600 1380/¡Ü1500 1460/¡Ü1500 1550/¡Ü1500 1550/¡Ü1600 1680/¡Ü1600
Min.fuel consumption at full load£¨g/kW.h£© ¡Ü193
Fuel Injection System BOSCH high pressure common rail or EUP
Noise ISO3744£©dB(A) ¡Ü96
Emission Euro-III/Euro-II
Net Mass£¨kg£© 880
Application Heavy-duty truck with a loadage of more than 15T
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