YC4E Bus Series

Features for YC4E Series Bus Diesel Engine

Full-Authority Electronic Controls ¨C Optimize engine performance and provide seamless integration with other components, advanced diagnostics, plus a complete set of programming options.

Adopting high-efficiency turbochargers with the bypass valve, featured by better emission, lower fuel & oil consumption and quicker response.

Meeting the requirement of Euro-II & Euro-III standard of emission.

Adopting the verified slide-fit cylinder liner, featured by better maintainability.

Main Technical Parameters for YC4E Series Bus Diesel Engine

Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4 stroke, electronic control, direct injection
No. of cylinder 4
(L) Displacement 4.26
Intake way Turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Min. fuel consumption at full load (g/kW.h) ¡Ü200
Noise £¨ISO 3744£©dB(A) ¡Ü99
Net mass£¨kg£© 380
Application 7.3¡«8.5m  Bus

Model List for YC4E Series Bus Diesel Engine

Model Rated power/speed £¨kW/r/min£© Max. torque/speed(N.m/r/min) Emission (TAS)
YC4E140-30 105/2500 500/1200~1600 Euro-¢ó
YC4E160-30 118/2500 600/1200~1600
YC4E170-30 125/2600 590/1400~1600
YC4E180-30 132/2500 630/1200~1600
YC4E140-20 105/2800 430/1400~1800 Euro-¢ò
YC4E150-20 110/2600 490/1400~1600
YC4E160-20 118/2600 520/1400~1700
YC4E180-20 132/2600 590/¡Ü1600
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