YC4G Bus Series

Features for YC4G Series Bus Deisel Engine

Full-Authority Electronic Controls - Optimize engine performance and provide seamless integration with other components, advanced diagnostics, plus a complete set of programming options.

  • Adopting CAD/UG 3D technology, critical component after CAE technical analysis, high reliability.
  • Adopting German FEV technology, further strengthened cylinder block , reduced vibration.
  • Adopting forged steel crankshaft, dry type cylinder liner, German Mahler special piston, which improve the engine in reliability.
  • Matching optimized Garrett turbocharger greatly increases the torque at lower speeds.
  • Adopting high efficiency filter separating water from the fuel improves the injection system in reliability.
  • Optimized piston-cylinder bore clearance ensures small quantity of compression blow-by and lower oil consumption.
  • Optimized crankshaft torsional damper lowers the shafting torsional vibration and extends the service life of shafting.
  • Optional dual spindle balance mechanism to be used for balancing the secondary to-and-fro inertial moment further lowers vibration and noise level.
  • Up to Euro-II or Euro-III standard of emission.
  • Human-oriented design, high interchangeability, excellent approachability, easier maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters for YC4G Series Bus Deisel Engine

Model YC4G180-30 YC4G200-30 YC4G220-30 YC4G170-20 YC4G180-20 YC4G200-20 YC4G220-20
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection
No. of Cylinders 4
Displacement   ( L) 5.2
Intake way Turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Rated power/speed (kW/r/min) 132/2300 147/2200 162/2200 125/2300 132/2300 147/2200 162/2200
Max. torque/speed (N.m/r/min) 660/1300-1500 750/1300-1500 780/1300-1500 630/1400-1600 660/1400-1600 730/¡Ü1500 780/¡Ü1500
Min. fuel consumption at full load (g/kW.h) ¡Ü196
Noise£¨ISO 3744£©dB(A) ¡Ü97
Emission (TAS) Euro-III Euro-II
Net mass£¨kg£© 450
Application 7.8-8.9 meter bus 7.8-8.9 meter bus 8.3-8.9 meter bus/9-10 meter bus
Remarks BOSCH E-controlled high pressure common rail China-made P7100 pump
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