YC6A/6B Marine Series

Features for Yuchai YC6A/6B Series Marine Diesel Engine

  • This series diesel engine is the product developed by Yuchai merging the technologies of FEV, Germany;
  • The cylinder block and head are made of the alloyed cast iron with high degree of the strength; the integral crankshaft & sliding bearing is featured by compact construction, smaller weight and higher reliability; the overhaul period is over 12000 hours;
  • The index of the fuel consumption is much lower by adopting the turbo-charging & inter-cooling technology for the intake system and A type high pressure fuel injection pump & P type injector;
  • Consumption of the oil much lower by adopting the Yuchai¡¯s special sealing technology for the piston rings;
  • The engine is installed with digital & intellectual machine-side & remote monitoring instruments to facilitate operation, monitoring & automatic protection of the diesel engine and effectively ensure safe operation of the engine;
  • It is an ideal power which can be used as the main machine for speedboats, cargo ships & fishery vessels and as the ancillary machine for 90kW gen-sets.

Main Technical Parameters for Yuchai YC6A/6B Series Marine Diesel Engine

Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke
Intake way Gas turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Crankshaft rotation direction (seen from power output end) counterclockwise
Net weight (kg) 750
Overhaul period ©ƒ12000 Hour

Model List for Yuchai YC6A/6B Series Marine Diesel Engine

Model No. of cylinders X Bore X Stroke mm Displacement L Compression ratio Min. specific fuel consumption£¨g/kW¡¤h£© Specific oil consumption (g/kW¡¤h)
YC6108ZLCB 6¡Á108¡Á132 7.252 0.709028 ¡Ü205 ¡Ü0.5
YC6A195C 6¡Á108¡Á125 6.871 17.5:1
YC6108ZLCA ¡Ü208 ¡Ü0.8

Model Continuous power /speed£¨kW/r/min£© One-hour power/speed£¨kW/r/min£© Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) Matched reduction gearbox Specification of connection with the gearbox
Main machine Ancillary machine
YC6108ZLCB 112(152)/1500 123.2(168)/1548 123.2(168)/1500 1252¡Á780¡Á1075 Hangzhou Qianjin brand gearbox (mjdels 120C, 135 etc.) Casing: SAE2#
Flywheel: 11.5¨•
Optional casing: 135
Flywheel: 135
YC6A170C 125(170)/1500 137.5(187)/1548 137.5(187)/1500 1415¡Á910¡Á1075 Casing: 135£»
Flywheel: 135
YC6A190C 140(190)/1800 154(209)/1858
YC6A195C 145(197)/2300 159.5(217)/2374 Casing: SAE2#
Flywheel: 11.5¨•
YC6A220C 162(220)/2300 178.2(242)/2374
YC6108ZLCA 90(122)/1500 99(134)/1548 99(134)/1500 1415¡Á877¡Á1025 HC65¡¢135¡¢120C etc Casing SAE2#
Flywheel: 11.5¨•
Optional casing: 135
YC6B150C 110(150)/1800 121(165)/1858 1408¡Á877¡Á1062 135¡¢120C etc Casing: 135
Flywheel: 135
YC6B165C 120(163)/2300 132(180)/2374 1415¡Á877¡Á1025 HC65¡¢120C etc Casing: SAE2#
Flywheel: 11.5¨•
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