YC4F Bus Series

Features for YC4F Series Bus Diesel Engine

  • Full-Authority Electronic Controls - Optimize engine performance and provide seamless integration with other components, advanced diagnostics, plus a complete set of programming options.
  • Stronger power - being in the lead at home in several indexes, such as average effective pressure, performance & torque per liter etc., powerful grade-ability and better acceleration characteristic.
  • Lower fuel & oil consumption - Lower fuel & oil consumption, fuel consumption at full load ¡Ü203g/kW.h£»oil-fuel ratio in the bench test is lower than 0.2%  which is at the lead of small-sized engines.
  • Comfort - Smaller vibration, lower noise.
  • Reliability - The machine is developed by using the mechanical development program of FEV company, Germany, and featured by better reliability and longer service life. Under normal operation & maintenance conditions its mileage for the first overhaul may be more than 500000 kilometers.
  • Environmental protection - Up to Euro-II or Euro-III standard of emission.
  • Easier maintenance - Wet cylinder liner structure, one cylinder head for four cylinders, better approachability, easier maintenance.
  • Better applicability - It can be used for medium- or high-grade light-duty trucks, 6 meter bus and truck¡¢SUV¡¢minibus and so on.

Main Technical Parameters for YC4F Series Bus Diesel Engine

Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4 stroke
No. of Cylinders 4
£¨g/kW¡¤h£©Min. fuel consumption at full load ¡Ü205
Noise£¨ISO 3744£©dB(A) ¡Ü95
Net mass£¨kg£© 320

Model List for YC4F Series Bus Diesel Engine

Model Displacement(L) Intake way Rated power/speed
(kW/ r/min)
Max. torque/speed
(N¡¤m/ r/min)
YC4FB90-30 2.488 Turbo-charging & inter-cooling 65/3600 210/1800¡«2400 Euro-III 6 meter mid-bus and truck¡¢SUV¡¢minibus and so on
YC4FB100-30 75/3600 245/1800¡«2400
YC4F90-30 2.66 66/3400 210/¡Ü2200
YC4F100-30 75/3200 270/¡Ü2200
YC4F115-30 85/3200 285/¡Ü2200
YC4FA115-30 2.982 85/3200 300/1600¡«2400
YC4FA120-30 88/2800 345/1600¡«1800
YC4FA130-30 95/3200 345/1600¡«2400
YC4F90-23 2.488 Turbo-charging 65/3400 220/1900~2200  Euro-II truck¡¢SUV¡¢minibus and so on
YC4F90-21 2.66 210/1900~2200
YC4F90-20 Turbo-charging & inter-cooling 66/3200 220/1900~2200 6 meter mid-bus and truck¡¢SUV¡¢minibus and so on
YC4F100-20 75/3200 245/¡Ü2200
YC4F115-20 85/3200 300/¡Ü2200
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