YC6G Truck Series

  • 4-Valve Per Cylinder Technology: centered injector, more even atomization and more complete combustion, improved airflow, higher efficiency of air intake and exhaust, lower fuel consumption and better for environmental protection.
  • Full-Authority Electronic Controls System for Euro III Engine: Optimize engine performance and provide seamless integration with other components, advanced diagnostics, plus a complete set of programming options.
  • Higher Reliability: The integrated cylinder head and cylinder bores using the platform deep checker technique, annular combustion chamber & piston with internal cooling passages meeting requirements for low emission;
    Adopting totally metal gasket makes compression more even and cylinder bore deformation smaller; the gasket is capable of bearing higher bursting pressure and consequently improves itself in reliability;
    Adopting the new generation of TBP4 & GT turbochargers Honeywell (Shanghai), USA, which is featured by higher performance, lower fuel consumption, lower emission, quicker response and higher reliability;
    Adopting BOSCH¡ªP7100 or China-made P7100 fuel injection pump and P type injectors.
  • Higher strength-can bear the cylinder pressure of 150 bar, thickened bottom plate of the cylinder block, shortened length of the water jacket, optimized coolant flow direction and improved cooling capacity,hickened cylinder bore wall, strengthened cylinder block rigidity and reduced deformation possibility, Added auxiliary oil passages to improve the piston cooling conditions.
  • Stronger Power: Max. rated power 300 horse powers
  • Bigger Torque: Max. torque 1150 N.m
  • Longer Engine Life: Mileage of the engine for major overhaul under normal operation & maintenance conditions may reach 800000 kilometers.
  • Lower Fuel & Oil Consumption: Wider range of fuel consumption for outer characteristic and Min. fuel consumption at full load is equal to or less than 195g/kW.h,Oil & fuel consumption ratio in the whole course of 1000h reliability test in the laboratory is less than 0.1%.
  • Lower Emission: lower emission up to Euro-III standard.
  • Lower Noise: The average noise acoustic pressure of the whole machine at a distance of 1M is less than 97dB (A).
  • Easy Maintenance: Human-oriented design, higher interchangeability and better approachability. 6G engine (300 Hp) is installed with group-assembled thin-wall steel cylinder liners which are chromium-plated inside and so the cylinder bore has better wear-resistance and maintainability.
Model YC6G255-20 YC6G285-20 YC6G300-20
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection
No. of cylinders 6
Bore X Stroke (mm¡Ámm) 112¡Á132
Displacement   ( L) 7.8
Intake way Turbo-charging & intercooling
Rated power/speed (kW/r/min) 188/2300 210/2200 221/2200
Max. Torque/speed (N¡¤m/r/min) 900/1400~1600 1100/1400~1600 1150/1400~1600
Min. fuel consumption at full load (g/kW.h) ¡Ü195
Emission (TAS) Euro-II
Noise level (ISO 3744)   dB(A) ¡Ü97
Net Mass£¨kg£© 700
Application 10 ¨C 15T truck
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