YC6112ZLD Genset Series

Features for YC6112ZLD Power Generation Diesel Engine

Solid forged steel crankshaft ,cylinder and cylinder head made of alloy cast iron, sliding bearing ,small bulk, light weight, less vibration, low noise, high reliability, overhaul interval is over 12000 hours.

P-type high pressure pump, low inertia, injector with small bore more complete combustion, low fuel consumption, oil seal of valve added, Seal technology for piston ring and valve oil-sealing technique, low fuel  and oil consumption.

Optional electronic speed governing pump.

Perfect G-drive for 120-150 KW generator sets.

Technical Data Sheet for YC6112ZLD Power Generation Diesel Engine

Name Technical parameters
G7700 G8800
Model YC6112ZLD
Type Vertical, inline, water-cooled, four stroke
Intake way Turbo charging& inter-cooled
Combustion chamber type Direct injection, ¦Ø-shape port combustion
Cylinder No. 6
 Bore mm 112 112
Length of stroke  mm  132
Displacement of piston  L 7.8
Compression ratio 16.8£º1
Cylinder type ¸Éʽ Dry
 Net weight kg   720
Compression pressure (n¡Ý200r/min)   MPa  ¡Ý2.4
 Overall dimension(length¡Áwidth¡Áheight)   mm 1220¡Á860¡Á986
 Lubrication way  Pressure and splash
Starting way  Electric start
Oil capacity L  22~25
Ignition order 1¡ª5¡ª3¡ª6¡ª2¡ª4
Crankshaft rotating direction(facing power outlet end) Counter clock
12-hour power  kW  150 160
Rotating speed of 12-hour power  r/min   1500 1800
1-hour power  kW 165 168
Rotating speed of 12-hour power  r/min   1500 1800
Fuel consumption at rated working condition  g/£¨kW¡¤h£© ¡Ü205  
Oil consumption g/£¨kW¡¤h£© ¡Ü2.2
Min. steady rotating speed at free load r/min  ¡Ü700
Exhaust smoke degree on full load  FSN     ¡Ü3.7
Noise limitdB(A)    ¡Ü113 ¡Ü115 ¡Ü116
Cold start Easily started at -5¡æ without any cold start auxiliary device. Can be started at -30¡æ with cold start auxiliary device.
Applicable altitude£¨m£© 1000
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