YC6M Gas Bus Series

Features for Yuchai YC6M Series Bus Mono-fuel Engine

  • Higher Reliability -
    • Electronic control system: gas feeding, ignition and engine management system;
    • Platinum-plated electrode spark plug: High efficient combustion plus long service life;
    • Air intake & exhaust and combustion system specially designed for gas engine;
    • Garrett GT40 water-cooled exhaust gas turbocharger: featured by higher efficiency and longer service life;
    • E-controlled air intake method: low density gas combustion, gentle combustion, high thermal efficiency, low exhaust temperature;
    • Oxygen sensor: a broad range of air-gas ratios accurately-controlled;
    • Closed-loop control system for all working conditions plus self-learning and diagnosis.
  • Lower Noise - Gentle combustion, ultra-low noise, minor vibration, ease and comfort. Specifically, the average noise level < 93dB£¨A£©.
  • Low Emission - Oxidation catalyst converter, up to Euro III standard, further engines up to Euro ¢ô available by upgrading, no visible carbon smoke and particle-free.
  • Easier maintenance - Human-oriented design, higher interchangeability and better approachability, Higher performance & price ratio and better composite benefit

Main Technical Parameters for Yuchai YC6M Series Bus Mono-fuel Engine

Model YC6M280P-30 YC6M300P-30 YC6M290N-30 YC6M310N-30 YC6M340N-30
Type Vertical,in-line,water-cooled,4-stroke, E-controlled pressure-adjustable fuel control
No. of Cylinders 6
Bore¡ÁStorke mm 120¡Á145
Displacement£¨L£© 9.839
Intake way Turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Fuel LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) / LPG
Rated power/Speed£¨kW/r/min£© 205/2100 221/2100 214/2100 228/2100 250/2100
Max. Torque/ Speed£¨N.m/r/min£© 1140/¡Ü1300 1200/¡Ü1300 1220/¡Ü1300 1280/¡Ü1300 1350/¡Ü1300
Min. Fuel Consumption at Full Load£¨g/kW.h£© 210
Noise (ISO  3744) dB(A) ¡Ü93
Emission EURO-III
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