YC6T600L Genset Series

Features for YC6T600L Power Generation Diesel Engine

Solid forged steel crankshaft, cylinder and cylinder head made from alloy cast iron, sliding bearing, small bulk, light weight, less vibration, low noise, high reliability.

P-type high pressure pump, multiinjector, low fuel consumption.

Oil seal of valve added, Seal technology for piston ring and valve oil-sealing technique, low fuel and oil consumption.

Optional electronic speed governing pump, stable operation.

Low emission, low noise, environment friendly.

Perfect G-drive for 360-400KW generator sets.

Technical Data Sheet for YC6T600L Power Generation Diesel Engine

Name Technical Data
Model YC6T600L
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, four stroke
Intake way Turbo charging& inter-cooled
Combustion chamber type Direct injection, ¦Ø-shape port combustion chamber
No. of cylinder 6
Cylinder diameter mm  145
Piston stroke  mm   165
Displacement of piston  L  16.35
Compression ratio 15£º1
Cylinder type Wet type
Net weight of engine  kg   1980
 Overall dimension(length¡Áwidth¡Áheight) mm  1836¡Á1060¡Á1600
Lubrication way Pressure and splash
Starting way Electric start
Oil capacity  L  64
Ignition order 1¡ª5¡ª3¡ª6¡ª2¡ª4
Crankshaft rotating direction(facing power output end) ÄæʱÕë Counter clock
Rated power  kW  441
Speed at rated power  r/min   1500
 Fuel consumption at rated working condition g/£¨kW¡¤h£© ¡Ü225
Oil consumption   g/£¨kW¡¤h£© ¡Ü1.5
Min. steady rotating speed at free load  r/min 700~750
Fuel brand Summer: No. 0, 10 light fuel of GB 252-2000 superior or first class product Winter: No. 0, -10, -20, -35 light fuel of GB252-2000 superior or first class product(according to ambient temperature)
Oil brand Summer: 40CD¡¢15W/40CD Winter: 30CD¡¢10W/30CD or other oil not lower than CD class of GB 11122-2006 and adapted to the environment.
Steady speed adjusting ratio  % (Mechanical regulating)£º¡Ü5            (Electronic regulating )£º¡Ü3
Transient speed adjusting ratio  % (Mechanical regulating)£º¡Ü+12          (Electronic regulating )£º¡Ü+10
Steady time   s (Mechanical regulating)¡Ü5              (Electronic regulating )¡Ü3
Coefficient of speed fluctuation   % (Mechanical regulating)£º¡Ü1.5          (Electronic regulating )£º¡Ü0.5
Max. allowed intake resistance    kPa 5
Max. allowed exhaust back pressure   kPa 10
Advance angle of fuel supply(crankshaft turn angle before TDC)   ¡ãCA 16¡À1
Exhaust smoke degree on full load   FSN ¡Ü3.0
Noise limit dB(A)  ¡Ü119
Note: 1. Overall dimension would vary from configuration.
           2. It is allowed to increase load by four steps when testing the transient speed adjusting ratio of turbo charging model.
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