YC4F Truck Series

YC4F series diesel engine is a light-duty one of low-emission, energy efficient and environmental protection type with a displacement of 2.66L/2.98L and power coverage of 90 ¨C 120 horse powers to be applicable for light-duty truck market. The engine is designed in cooperation with FEV, Germany, and adopts multiple achievements of scientific research for modern diesel engines, in particular, engines up to Euro-III standard adopt also several achievements of scientific research for modern diesel engines such as German BOSCH electronic control high pressure common rail or American DELPHI electronic control high pressure common rail technique, low vortex combustion chamber etc., and so it has reached the international advanced level in dynamic & economic indexes and now is in the lead of products of the same category at home.

  • Stronger power: Max. power 120PS, being in the lead at home in several indexes, such as average effective pressure, performance & torque per liter etc., powerful grade-ability and better acceleration characteristic.
  • Lower fuel & oil consumption: Lower fuel & oil consumption, wider range of economic fuel & oil consumption zone for combined characteristic, min. fuel consumption at full load ¡Ü203g/kW.h£»oil-fuel ratio in the bench test is lower than 0.2% which is at the lead of small-sized engines.
  • Comfort: Smaller vibration, lower noise
  • Reliability: The machine is developed by using the mechanical development program of FEV company, Germany, and featured by better reliability and longer service life. Under normal operation & maintenance conditions its mileage before the first capital overhaul may be more than 500000 kilometers.
  • Environmental protection: Up to Euro-II or Euro-III standard of emission
  • Easier maintenance: Wet cylinder liner structure, one cylinder head for four cylinders, better approachability, easier maintenance.
  • Better applicability: Wider range of power from 66kW (90PS) to 88kW£¨120PS£©, so it can be used for medium- or high-grade light-duty trucks.

Main Technical Parameters

Model YC4FA90-30 YC4FA100-30 YC4FA115-30 YC4FA120-30 YC4F90-20 YC4F100-20 YC4F115-20
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4 stroke, electronic control, direct injection Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4 stroke
No. of Cylinders 4
BoreXStroke £¨mmxmm£© 96¡Á103 92¡Á100
Displacement   £¨ L£© 2.982 2.66
Intake way Turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Rated power/speed £¨kW/r/min£© 66/3200 75/3200 85/3200 88/3200 66/3200 75/3200 85/3200
Max. torque/speed(N.m/r/min) 210/1600~2400 270/1600~2400 2851600~2400 345/1400~1800 220/1900~2200 245/¡Ü2200 300/¡Ü2200
Min. fuel consumption at full load (g/kW.h) ¡Ü203
Noise£¨ISO 3744£©dB(A) ¡Ü95
Emission (TAS) Euro-III Euro-II
Net mass£¨kg£© 300
Application  Medium- & high-grade light duty trucks
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