YC6M Genset Series

Features for YC6M Series Power Generation Diesel Engine

Solid crankshaft case, postposition gear housing, Wet-type cylinder liner, a head per cylinder, better approachability design, easy to repair.

Average efficient pressure, power per Liter, torque per liter are good, Advanced P7100 pump, low inertia, p-injector with small bore, Honeywell turbocharger, low oil consumption

Valve oil-sealing ring technique and Seal technique for piston ring, low oil consumption, Optional electronic speed governing pump.

42CrMo forged steel crankshaft, high efficiency quenched bore, Cooperated with FEV, German, overhaul interval is over 12000 hours.

Intelligentized digital panel, easy to operate, monitor and self-protect, safer.

Perfect G-drive for 150-200 KW generator sets.

Technical Data Sheet for YC6M Series Power Generation Diesel Engine

Name Technical parameters
M7600 M7900 M8200
Model YC6M320D YC6M260D YC6M320D
Type Vertical, inline, water-cooled, four stroke
Intake way Turbo charging & inter-cooled
Combustion chamber type Direct injection, ω-shape port combustion
Cylinder No. 6
 Bore mm  120
Length of stroke  mm 145
Displacement of piston  L  9.839
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Cylinder type Wet type
Net weight  kg 980
 Overall dimension(length?áwidth?áheight)mm  1468?á864?á1375
Lubrication way Pressure and splash
Starting way Electric start
Oil capacity    L 28
Ignition order 1?a5?a3?a6?a2?a4
Crankshaft rotating direction Counter clock(facing power output end)
12-hour power  kW    235 192 235
Rotating speed of 12-hour power  r/min   1500 1800
1-hour power  kW 258.5 211.2 258.5
Rotating speed of 1-hour power  r/min  1500 1800
Fuel consumption at rated working condition    g/?¨kW?¤h?? ?ü205
Oil consumptiong/?¨kW?¤h?? ?ü1.5 ?ü1.8
 Min. steady rotating speed at free load r/min ?ü700
Cold start Easily started at -5?? without any cold start auxiliary device. Can be started at -30?? with cold start auxiliary device.
Applicable altitude?¨m?? 1000
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