YC6105/08 Marine Series

Features for Yuchai YC6105/08 Series Marine Diesel Engine

  • This series diesel engine is developed by Yuchai adopting the technology of FEV, Germany;
  • The cylinder block and head are made of the alloyed cast iron with high degree of the strength; the integral crankshaft & sliding bearing is featured by compact construction, smaller weight and higher reliability; the overhaul period is over 10000 hours;
  • Combustion is more sufficient by adopting the mouth-reduced combustion technique from FEV, AD type high pressure fuel injection pump, low-inertia & small aperture injector and so its index of the fuel consumption is very low; consumption of the oil is much lower by adopting the Yuchai¡¯s special sealing technology for the piston rings;
  • It is an ideal power which can be used as the main machine for light marine and small-sized fishery vessels and as the ancillary machine for 40¡ª64kW gen-sets.

Technical Parameters for Yuchai YC6105/08 Series Marine Diesel Engine

Model YC6105CA YC6105CA1 YC6108CA YC6108CA1 YC6108ZC YC6108ZCA
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke
Intake way Natural aspiration Gas turbo-charging
No. of cylinders X Bore X Stroke mm 6¡Á105¡Á125 6¡Á108¡Á125
L Displacement 6.494 6.871
Compression ratio 16.5:1 17.5:1
Continuous power /speed£¨kW/r/min£© 53(72)/1500 66(90)/2000 63(86)/1500 82(112)/2000 80(109)/1500 103(140)/2300
One-hour power/speed£¨kW/r/min£© Main machine 44(79)/1548£º 72.6(99)/2064 69.3(94)/1548 90.2(123)/2065 88(119)/1548 113.3(154)/2374
Ancillary machine 44(79)/1500 69.3(90)/1500 88(119)/1500
Min. specific fuel consumption£¨g/kW¡¤h£© ¡Ü218 ¡Ü210
Specific oil consumption (g/kW¡¤h) ¡Ü0.8
Crankshaft rotation direction (seen from power output end) counterclockwise
Net weight (kg) 700 720
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1252 ¡Á780¡Á1075 1293¡Á780¡Á1198
Matched reduction gearbox Hangzhou Qianjin Gearbox (models 120C, B170 etc.) Hangzhou Qianjin Brand Gearbox (models HC65, 120C etc.)
Specification of connection with the gearbox Casing£ºSAE3#     Flywheel£º11.5¨•
Overhaul period ©ƒ10000 hours
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