YC6BT Agricultural Series

Features for YC6BT Series Agricultural Diesel Engine

YC6BT series diesel engines are the newly-developed high-performance power with power coverage of 110-150 hp at the speed of 2000-2400r/m and are applicable for tractors with a power of 110-140 hp.

The machine is characterized by compact construction and stronger rigidity resulting from key parts & components designed by means of the finite element analysis technique of FEV Company, Germany. The engine is featured also by better balance, higher reliability and comfort in operation by using the new noise & vibration lowering technique.

Optimize combustion system to realize bigger power output, less fuel consumption and smaller fluctuation in rotational speed.

Analogically analyze and optimize cooling system to meet working conditions of the tractor under any adverse climatic circumstances.

The oil sump of engine matching for tractor adopts the iron cast structure, meet the requirement of the frameless tractor.

YC6B125T and YC6B145T engines are featured by higher reliability and lower fuel & oil consumption by using the high performance turbocharger and the emission is up to Euro-¢ò standard.

Main Technical Parameters for YC6BT Series Agricultural Diesel Engine

Model YC6108T YC6B125T YC6B145T
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection
Intake way Natural aspiration Turbo-charging
No. of cylinders X Bore X Stroke mm 6¡Á108¡Á125
Displacement L 6£®871
Rated power/speed Rated £¨kW/r/min£© 77.2/2400 84.6/2400 92/2400 106.6/2400
Max. torque/speed£¨N©qm/r/min£© 460/1600¡«1800 460/1600¡«1800 590/1600¡«1800 620/1500¡«1700
Min. fuel consumption g/kW¡¤h 230 220
Min. fuel consumption at full load (g/kW.h) ¡Ü215 ¡Ü210
£¨%£©Governor response rate 8
£¨¡æ£©Cold starting performance -10¡ãwithout cold starting device, -25¡ãwith cold starting device
£¨Bosch£©Max. smoke level at full load ¡Ü3.0 ¡Ü2.5
Noise limit dB£¨A£© 113
Net mass(kg) 700 800
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