YC4F Agricultural Series

YC4F series diesel engines are developed in accordance with the demand of the small-sized agricultural machinery market with a displacement of 2.66 liters.

YC4F series diesel engines are especially applicable for an alternative of the imported power for the self-propelled and semi-fed 4-5 row rice harvester with a cutting width of 1.48-1.8 meters.

  • Stronger power - Having quite big torque reserve, some indexes like effective pressure, power per liter, torque per liter, are in the lead at home, stronger capability to overcome sudden changes on the site.
  • Fuel efficiency - Lower fuel & oil consumption, wider economic consumption range of universal characteristics and the min. fuel consumption at full load ¡Ü225g/kW.h£»
    On bench test oil-fuel consumption ratio is less than 0.2%, which is in the lead of diesel engines of the same category.
  • Comfort - Less vibration, lower noise.
  • Reliability - The engine is developed by adopting the mechanical development program of FEV Company, Germany, and featured by better reliability and longer service life.
  • Easier Maintenance - Wet type cylinder liner, one head for the four cylinders, better approachability and easier maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters for YC4F Agricultural Series Diesel Engine

Model YC4F55G YC4F45G YC4F60G
Type Vertical, in-line, 4-stroke, water-cooled
Intake way Natural aspiration Turbo-charging
 Displacement£¨L£© 2£®66
Rated power/Speed£¨kW/ r/min£© 40/2650 33/2200 43/2200
Max. torque/Speed£¨N.m/ r/min£© 160/1800-2000 160/1400-1600 210/1400-1600
Min. fuel consumption at full load£¨g/kW.h£© ¡Ü225
Emission£¨TAS£© EPA Tier¢ò(emission limit)
 Net mass£¨kg£© 260
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