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Bosch to expand diesel engine component capacity by 30-50%

updated 5/19/2012 3:58:12 AM
"We have seen a very significant increase in demand for diesel cars," V K Viswanathan, managing director Bosch Ltd and president Bosch Group, told ET. "The share of diesel cars has gone up from 32-33% to more than 40% and we may see that increasing to 45-50% in the next few years. We had anticipated this much earlier and we are gearing up to meet that demand."
"We are cautiously optimistic about the year as a whole. Replicating 2011 growth (of 21%) in 2012 looks difficult. But you can't write off the industry. If the second half really takes off, we will see close to that kind of growth levels," Viswanathan said.


The diesel segment was a key contributor to Bosch Limited's 21% revenue growth in 2011. This year too the company is aiming for a strong double-digit growth.

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